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Personal Data Protection Policy

http://www.cretaniama.gr Website has an integrated GoogleAnalytics code, according to which, certain data concerning your visit to it are stored, such as, for example, the date of your visit, the time period you remained on the Website, the actual location you visited the Website from, etc., always in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Policy of Google SA. These data cannot in any case lead to identifying the user, their only purpose being to improve the quality and content of our Website. Your non-sensitive personal data are stored ONLY if you voluntarily announce them or enter them in corresponding fields that may be asked from you, if you select to register with cretaniama.gr or if you are interested in receiving promotion or information programmes. OLVOS SCIENCE SA shall not notify third parties, with the exception of any relevant provision to this effect by law or competent authorities and notification to its associate or subsidiary companies, if this is necessary in the context of your information and the realisation of any of your requests regarding products and the overall operation of cretaniama.gr, about your personal data, which concern you and determine your identity, such as your name and postal or electronic address, which have been dispatched by you on line, since the use of such data is restricted to the administration of any request you may have submitted. Such data are maintained for statistical purposes and for purposes concerning the operation of the Company, for reasons of promoting products and marketing, information and communication, handling of complaints and provision of information, to which you give your consent by accepting the present terms. In any case, and in compliance with relevant legislation (Law 2472/1997 and Law 3471/2006) “On the Protection of an Individual and the Processing of Private Personal Data”, as in force, you preserve the right of access, objection to modification, correction and banning of any of your personal data through submitting an ordinary request to OLVOS SCIENCE SA. All data are stored in central network computers, which operate under a high security regime and which are protected from improper use and are not accessible to non-authorised individuals. With the exception of the personal data mentioned above, other information you may share with us in any form on the Website is not considered confidential and for this reason we preserve the right to use it, reproduce it, disseminate it or transmit it for the purpose of processing your request.

Limitation of Liability

We consider the information provided to be accurate. However, there may be some typographic mistakes or the content may not have been updated at the moment of the user’s accessing it or it may have been altered without OLVOS SCIENCE SA knowledge, which may lead to inaccuracies. All information is provided ‘as is’, without any guarantee on the part of OLVOS SCIENCE SA as to the integrity, soundness or accuracy of references made, not even for any harm caused due to ‘bugs’ originating from the use of the Website or any other website you may be referred to. As a user of/visitor to cretaniama.gr you accept that your access to the Website is undertaken at your own responsibility and you accept any risk that may emerge from such access. cretaniama.gr is entitled, without any obligation, to monitor the content of third parties so as to correct or refuse to publish any material that might be dispatched to cretaniama.gr. As for material posted that originates from third parties in the context of their cooperation with cretaniama.gr, in no case do/es OLVOS SCIENCE SA and/or cretaniama.gr have any warranty obligation vis-à-vis the validity of such material nor accept/s any legal or other liability. In no case shall OLVOS SCIENCE SA be held responsible, to the extent this is possible under the legislation in force, vis-à-vis any person for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages related to such information or any use whatsoever of the Website, for reasons not due to malice or serious negligence on the part of OLVOS SCIENCE SA, such as, indicatively, erroneous use or failure to use the Website on the part of the user, interruption of any type, delays during use or transmission of messages, information, Website security, etc. Such exemption from liability of OLVOS SCIENCE SA includes any damage caused from any transmission of any ‘bug’ to a user’s electronic equipment. The use of the present Website is possible only in compliance with the present terms and conditions of such use. In the case of a non-authorised use of the present Website, you are obliged to compensate OLVOS SCIENCE SA and companies cooperating with it, employees, executives and associates in regard to any loss, expense, damage and cost, including that of the reasonable fee to their legal advisers, which might be caused due to your violating the present terms and conditions of use applying to the present Website. Any reference made in the Website to products/services provided by OLVOS SCIENCE SA and by companies cooperating with it, is in no way to be considered as advice or encouragement, or proposal to proceed with actions or agreements, or as medical advice or recommendation and it may not be in any way used as a means for diagnosis and therapeutic treatment. cretaniama.gr and/or OLVOS SCIENCE SA do not guarantee the soundness or appropriateness of the content, which users are using at their own initiative, bearing the responsibility of cross-checking information contained in the relevant content.

Links to other websites

This Website may provide access to other websites around the world. Reference to other websites is made merely for the purpose of facilitating users. OLVOS SA bears no responsibility as to the content, availability, operation, validity and efficiency of said third party websites. As for their content, this does in no way bind OLVOS SCIENCE SA, while any reference made to such websites through this Website is not and may not be considered as approval or unreserved recommendation to use said websites. Any such link does not mean that OLVOS SCIENCE SA undertakes any responsibility in regard to the content of said websites or the policy they follow regarding personal data protection. Furthermore, OLVOS SCIENCE SA is not responsible for the content of third party websites, which may be referred to through a link in the present Website. No link is allowed to the present Website without the agreement of OLVOS SCIENCE SA.

Additional Terms and Conditions

If any term of use is rendered invalid or non-executable, it shall be deleted and considered as if never having been written and in no case shall this affect the validity, binding character and enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions of use of the Website. OLVOS SCIENCE SA may, at any point in time and without prior notification, amend or delete the terms and conditions of use of its Website and of its Personal Data Protection Policy. Any such amendment or/and deletion is valid and binding for users of the Website, as of the moment said changes have been made and posted. Every time before you use the Website you are requested to check when the last update of the Terms of Use and Private Data Protection Policy was made. The present Website may not be accessible from time to time due to upgrading works or to mechanical, communicational, software or other technical problems, including problems caused by third parties. OLVOS SCIENCE SA cannot foresee the time intervals of non-accessibility to this Website nor can it know in advance or control in any other manner their duration and this is why it may not be held responsible in any way. In any case, OLVOS SCIENCE SA may temporarily interrupt or permanently terminate the operation of this Website in part or in whole.

In particular for the use of its Facebook page, OLVOS SCIENCE SA and cretaniama.gr observe Facebook regulations and the Company’s own regulations regarding posting of information and comments. OLVOS SCIENCE SA preserves the right to remove comments, graphics, videos, photographs and any other material which:

- is defamatory
- breaches a party’s intellectual rights
- promotes acts against the law
- is misleading
- contains abusive, obscene, disrespectful or threatening comments
- is spam or its purpose is to technically disorganise the present site
- offers non-authorised medical information
- is irrelevant

OLVOS SCIENCE SA preserves the right to deny access to this Website to any individual that repeatedly makes comments that fall into one of the types mentioned above. OLVOS SCIENCE SA is not responsible for the validity of any views, information, advice or comments on this site, which have not been communicated directly by the Company. If you notice any undesirable effect when using this product, please inform your physician and contact us at (+30) 210-52.81.850.


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Misuse Consequences

It is forbidden to change or modify the security settings and the overall configuration of the Website or to cause interference of any form in the use or the technical specifications of the Website operation. If you have been perceived to be breaching any of the present terms of use, we shall immediately proceed with corrective actions, which may include denying access to the use of services provided by OLVOS SCIENCE SA and removing any information, data or content notified on the Website by the user, at any point in time and without prior notification. If OLVOS SCIENCE SA and/or companies cooperating with it suffer any damage or loss, the Company preserves every lawful right and entitlement to recovery for said damage, since users of the Website are liable vis-à-vis OLVOS SCIENCE SA and companies cooperating with it for any damage that might have been caused to the Company or/an any third party due to non-observance of the present terms.

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